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uPVC Fins

uPVC Fins

uPVC Fins Traders

uPVC fins are featured prominently over the exterior façade of the building there by increasing the aesthetic value of the façade. uPVC fins are made from UV stabilized uPVC. They can be ordered to exact sizes and are packaged with the supporting members that will be installed on the building surface. uPVC is the material of choice in building projects all across the world with established advantages over other materials such as concrete, aluminum or steel. When you take a close look at the fins you begin to appreciate just how much effort has been inputted to make it an expert replica of timber.

Advantages Of uPVC Fins

  • uPVC fins enhance the architectural appearance of the building structure.
  • It’s an inexpensive alternative as compared to other materials.
  • Reduce heat absorption in the building structure.
  • Project pipes and ducts from the ill effects of direct sunlight.
  • Creates a visual block yet allow passage of cool air thereby reducing energy cost.
  • Available in UV stabilized colors to match the other components of the facade
uPVC Fins

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